Use a Blog To Generate Leads Part – 5

Get Social

One of the key tools used to get traffic to your website is social media. Go out and talk to others. Encourage them to come and visit your site but in an indirect way. It is important to avoid spamming people or otherwise push them to visit your blog. You should position yourself as:

  • Interesting
  • An expert in the field
  • Someone who is fun and cool to talk to

When you do so there is a good chance that people will follow you to your blog to learn more about who you are. You will need to persuade them to click the link which brings them to your blog and eventually to your website.

How do you create this type of attraction?

The first thing to do is get social!

Social bookmarking and social networking is one of the easiest and most enjoyable parts of the Internet marketer’s business. All that is necessary is to help others to learn about you, about your blog and even about your website is by sharing it out there.

Social bookmarking is a good place to start the process. There are many useful websites to visit for this. Here are some ideas showing how you can get socially active with your blog using bookmarking websites.

Step 1: Write newsworthy posts

Posts should be written in such a way which allows them to be bookmarked Most of the social booking sites are interested in something which is newsworthy, interesting and unique. You may have to think a bit harder about this to make it happen, but it is worthwhile. Going back to the bakery products, you may wish to write a blog post about a new product or a discount on offer. Be sure to keep it from being too promotional though.

Step 2: Sign up for a number of the social bookmarking websites

There are many of these, but some of the most important are:

Here, you can just “Digg” posts you find interesting. Other members of the website can also “digg” them and this helps more people to read the post. Over time, you can develop a good base of friends on these websites to help push your posts farther.

Do you have a page? If not, go and get one. Make friends there and anytime you publish a new blog post, send a message to everyone to let them know about it. These hits from to your blog post will help with search engine ranking, too. – used to be StumbleUpon

This is an interesting website. All you need to do here is to find any article which is interesting. Those who use Mix can also read your post, as they meander their way through sites.


Facebook is an amazing tool for building contacts, leads and friends. If you are selling baking supplies, you can use Facebook to help you to network and find other people who may be interested in buying them. Create a relationship with them and be sure to send them links to your new blog posts. You can do this with many of the social bookmarking and networking websites as well., YouTube and many others are very easy to use websites. The goal there is the same. Meet other people you may know and new people you do not. Develop a relationship with them by just chatting. Then, when you post a new blog post, you can promote the link to it using these websites. People go to your blog, read your post and then head over to purchase items from your website.

Step 3: Use these websites

For any kind of social networking to work, you must use them and use them frequently. No one likes a person who shows up to do nothing more than to push their product or sell their link. Rather, they work best if you develop a relationship with people and then network with them regularly.

Once you become experienced in using these websites, it becomes far easier to do. It only takes a few minutes to drum up quality traffic to your website just using these resources.

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