Use a Blog To Generate Leads Part – 4

Post Regularly and Often

Right from the start, you must post often and regularly to your blog, (not something of which I am a shining example). Many leads can be obtained directly from search engines and this is a key benefit provided by the use of a blog. This can only happen if you make it obvious to the search engines that your blog is active. It is important to give the search engine “spiders”, as they are often called, regular “food”. This encourages them to come back to your page time and time again. Your blog will see good growth in traffic if you post often.

How often is often? At first, there may not be sufficient time to post every day, but try to work towards this. Posts need not be long but should be unique. Some additional tips to help with setting up a blog which ranks well are shown below.

  • Post basic information – Information which helps to educate readers who are looking for something to learn. The commonest motivation is that visitors are looking for answers to their questions.
  • Blog posts can be short, as short as 250 to 300 words – Keep the keywords in line with the length of each post, aim for under 3 percent. Too many keywords will cause the search engines to notice this and rank you negatively because of it.
  • Do some research to find unique items to talk about in your posts – What are people really looking for? Do they want to know what options they have for baking bread or cakes? Are they looking at the wide assortment of cooking utensils and are unable to make a choice? Use blog posts to identify the questions your consumers may have and provide a learning tool for them.
  • Enable comments, with approval – Most blog posts allow for individuals to post comments. Monitor these so spam and inappropriate comments can be avoided. But, if you allow others to post comments it can give you many benefits. You may get ideas for new blog posts. It should help you answer their questions and gain their respect. It may even help you to get a sale!
  • Keep blog posts engaging! – Make them interesting to attract a range of different people who may be more willing to bookmark your blog so they can return often. Regular readership is important!

Once you have an idea of what to talk about in your blog posts and are aware that you need to post at least most days of the week, what comes next? There is more to do to get your blog posts to translate into leads. To get leads, you must ensure your blog is attracting the right type of visitor who will want to head over to your website to make a purchase.

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