Use a Blog To Generate Leads Part -3

How to Drive Traffic Using a Blog

Once your blog is in place, the next step is on the face of it, simple: drive traffic to your blog so you can then drive the traffic to your website. When people arrive at your blog, they are likely to be highly targeted leads. When they get to your website, they are often many times more likely to buy than they would have been had they not visited your blog. This, of course, only happens if you can drive traffic to your blog. There are some important ways to increase traffic to your blog and as a result, get traffic to your website where you can do the selling or promotion.

Search Engine Optimization

You must give some thought to search engine optimization for all parts of your blog. This need not be time consuming, difficult to achieve or something which must be researched extensively to get it right. As with any other website, a blog must have the most appropriate keywords placed throughout. This will enable search engines to find the site and rank it appropriately.

Keywords are those those interested in your topic are most likely to type into a search engine which in turn will point them to your website or blog. These words most accurately describe your website’s topic. To determine the words which are most appropriate you can use a free keyword research tool. These are available throughout the web, including at Google’s website and

Type a few words associated with your website. In our earlier example of bakery products, you may have keywords such as baking utensils, flour, flour improver, yeast, and so on. The tools will provide words which people most often type into a search engine when they are looking for this information. It is vital to have appropriate keywords throughout the website as this helps Google and other search engines find the website and to rank it well.

How to Use Keywords

Once you have determined your list of keywords, use them. Some ways in which keywords can be included in a blog to attract the attention of search engines are:

  • Use them in each post in your blog. Sprinkle the keywords throughout your text but do not use too many. Try to keep keywords under 2 or 3 percent of any post and try to ensure they are incorporated in such a way as to make sense
  • Use a keyword in the title of each blog post: this is vital to good search engine ranking!
  • Incorporate a keyword in the first 90 characters of each blog post
  • Use keywords in the “tags” and “keyword” functions of the blog. These are often asked for when you are posting the blog
  • Use keywords in your tags, when creating pages in your website, or in the blog’s set up
  • Pick two to four keywords to use per blog post. Too many keywords can make a post sound strange and limit your ability to communicate with your audience

In addition to these items, be aware of other aspects of search engine optimization. For example, search engines prefer to see short paragraphs. It is also best to include at least one set of bullet points in your post, even if it just lists a few items at a time.