Work from Home Jobs

It can be quite difficult to find genuine work from home jobs. There are many scams and gigs which pay a pathetic amount and are not worth persuing. They may provide a little extra cash for spending money but will not pay your bills or buy a house. If you are looking for more or to build a career, something better is needed.

There are many reasons you might want to work from home. Some of these could be: working in comfort, working as and when you want, avoiding the daily commute, being you own boss and financial freedom are some examples. It is, therefore, worth thinking about creating your own income.

Starting a business can be challenging but it can be done. You do not need employees at least until you have become successful and whatever is beyond your capability can be outsourced. Outsourcing will be an important factor in running your own business.

The easiest, genuine, work from home job is to build a website. You can attract traffic and profit from affiliate links, advertisements and services. This kind of business can earn substantial sums if a large amount of traffic can be attracted. It might seem to be rather daunting at the beginning but is a lot easier once you have a little experience.

You can start by testing the waters and it can become a second spare time job. It will not make you very wealthy overnight but it can provide a regular source of income. The return should increase steadily as the effort put into the business also increases. With application and work, it can start to match your existing salary. This can provide a very comfortable existence and can provide a greater degree of financial freedom

The initial investment is quite low. Often when people start they are living from pay cheque to pay cheque. Hosting is likely to cost less than $20 per month or less if you pay annually, around $200 for the tools you will need (more information on my website) and whatever budget you can afford for outsourcing.

A budget of around $100 a month should be enough to start. One can spend a fortune on tools but initially, spend only what you can afford and do not start buying “shiny objects” just because they are there. Once you are established and possibly outsourcing much of the work there is a choice of what to do. You can spend your leisure time in any way you wish because you will have the extra finance to do so. Alternatively, you devote extra time to your business and grow it further. The choice is yours and the possibilities endless.

Imagine never having to work again, but instead getting paid for having fun. Although this is not for everyone it is certainly worth thinking about. You will never know until you try. So go out there and give it a try.

What you’ll need:

  • SEO Tools
  • Website Hosting
  • A small budget
  • The desire for success

And enough motivation to keep your working on your genuine, work from home, job!

Separate Work and Private Life

How To Separate Work From Private Life With A Work From Home Business

I speak from many years’ experience when I say that it can be difficult to combine a home life with work when working from home. It can cause considerablHow To Separate Work From Private Life With A Work From Home Business
I speak from many years’ experience when I say that it can be difficult to combine a home life with work when working from home. It can cause considerable stress and pressure on both elements if care is not taken to divide your time and physical location within the home. Working from a desk in the corner of a bedroom and having haphazard working hours will not work for the majority of couples or families. Here are some simple basic ideas and guidelines based on my own experience which will help anyone operating a work from home business.

Organise work at home time and maintain a work routine

This sounds boring I know, and it is probably not what you expected from your own work from home business but this is another vital element of being successful. It is not necessary to stick to regular 9 to 5 hours or even be fully consistent with your work hours, day to day. However, working from home MUST have benefits otherwise why bother. So you can go off and take a walk, take a day off and go to the races, BUT this flexibility MUST be contained within some sort of regular work time framework where the lost time is made up at the weekends or over a few evenings. I am a night owl and often work until the early hours of the morning and sometimes all night. Often I will not start work until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, but I still actually work 50 to 60 hours week because I enjoy it.

Exploit the work from home benefits                                                                                                           

There are times when the ability to mix work and home life can be beneficial to all. Do not be afraid to adapt or engineer your work to fit in with family life and vice versa. There will be times when this degree of flexibility can be extremely beneficial and at these times working from home will seem so worthwhile. An example could be that you have a meeting in a town you do not usually visit, so why not take your partner for shopping or a show and make a day of it. The hours can always be made up later. It is also possible to take a lap-top and mobile phone on holiday so you can have more family holidays throughout the whole year rather than just the usual once in the summer. A couple of hours a day or one or two days a week of work can provide many benefits which far outweigh the sacrifices in my opinion.

Work From Home Is A Reality – Don’t Give Up!

Work From Home Is A Reality – Don’t Give Up!

Have you considered working from home? It really has major advantages:

  • No need to buy expensive work clothes. Much better to wear comfortable clothes, even dressing gown and slippers!
  • No need to pay for fuel or transport fares to get to work every day.
  • No need to scrape the ice off the windscreen in Winter.
  • No need to fight your way through the traffic jams every morning.
  • No need to pay for child or pet care.
  • You can take time off, go shopping, go to the gym without having to clock out or in.
  • No boss to watch your every move.

Sounds good so far?

Would you really like to work from home or is it just a dream which may never happen? No…

It isn’t a dream! For example, there are many celebrities or athletes who grew up very poor and managed to turn their lives around. Don’t you think they ever had doubts? Certainly they did but they kept on working toward what they wanted and after much dedication and effort, achieved their goals.

To get an online or any other business started you will need to find a niche. Think about what you enjoy doing? Take a subject or product about which you have some knowledge and/or interests you. You probably will not want to sell books if you hate reading and are bored by books. It really is difficult to sell something you know nothing about or do not care about.

Once you have decided on your niche, if you decide that it is something you can do online, you should get a website. Websites use a language called HTML to display themselves on your browser screen. If you know and can use the language so much the better but if not, most hosting companies provide a website builder program which you websites without the need to know about HTML.

There are web designers who will also design a good website for your business. Once you have you website up and running, start marketing it every day. Use chat rooms, forums and article sites to start building a presence and getting yourself noticed. Make sure the link to your website is always included in the signature file or in your article.

Very important! Don’t give up too soon if things don’t start moving along as fast as you would like. A “want it now” attitude has wasted a lot of efforts simply because I the business was not given enough time to develop. Many times, would be entrepreneurs give up and never give the business a chance to start working. Do not get impatient and give up. If you keep working on your business, in due time it will flourish.

It is usually thought that with brick and mortar businesses, they are supposedly doing well if they break even after the first year or two/ I think that old analogy is outdated for online businesses. If you allow time each day to work on marketing and stay focused on your goals, you will be successful with “working from home”, and maybe sooner than you think. You won’t “get rich quick” but you will be able to earn a substantial income over time depending on how much effort you put in.

Be patient and work hard…you will get results!

Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business

It is not easy to start your own business but such are the advantages that many millions of people do this every year. It has its advantages and  if you succeed it is great, but if you do not, it can be very disappointing and sometimes very messy. In the end, it all boils down to your frame of mind and the reasons for setting out on this path.

To start out on your own is not a “quick fix” or a “get rich fast” formula. The web is full of adverts promising instant riches leading to fabulous houses, cars holidays etc. They all seem to be variations on the same theme. Starting your own business without (almost) any work at all, all you need to do is pay us $xx and we will do it all for you. If you believe that you will believe anything.

So to start with, let me be straight. Starting a business is a lot of work, frustration, failures and despair, but it also offers a lot of hope, skills, hard work and maybe a bit of luck. However, if you do succeed in getting going, you get the freedom to do what you want in your life or with your life. You will be the boss and maybe you will be able to earn yourself a good living.

Is this worth all the effort, well, I think it is!

So what skills are necessary to start a business?

This is a difficult question. I believe that anybody can do it, but it does require consistent effort and some serious commitment to get the business up and going. The important words here are: COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENT! Sometimes things can go ahead quite easily, but other times it seems we are banging our heads against the wall. To overcome these potential difficulties an entrepreneur must have consistency and commitment.

However, we need other things to get our business off the ground. For example knowledge or capital could be key requirements. This could be easy or difficult to achieve.

However, there is plenty of “other stuff” to be considered. There are almost always methods to get what is required and often in this Internet World we can get it very cheaply or often free. However, no one else can provide the consistency and commitment required to build a business. There are a number of things which will limit us, for example, time, jobs and the other things we need to do.

It is, therefore, important to plan and analyse exactly what we need to do and maybe more importantly what we are prepared to do to achieve our aims.

If you have the knowledge use it, someone somewhere will be willing to pay you for it. If you have a skill, use it, someone somewhere will be willing to pay you for exercising it. If you need to know something, go and find out. If you simply can’t do something go and find someone who can help.

It is all out there, or at least most of it. All it requires is for you to decide on your course of action, determine what is needed and go ahead and do it.

The Many Facets of Internet Marketing

In looking around the whole Internet Marketing scene, it seems to me that there are so many parts obligatory or optional which must be fitted together to make the whole thing work. When we look at the list and try to work out what piece fits where. It is no wonder that 97% of people who attempt to make money online fail to make anything at all.

  • Contact List (List)
  • Autoresponder
  • Squeeze Page
  • Funnel
  • Traffic, free and paid
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Website
  • DNS
  • Mail Accounts
  • Blog
  • Capture Page
  • Capture Form
  • Upsell
  • Down-Sell
  • On Time Offer (OTO)
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO

I’m sure that there are more and no doubt I shall discover them as time goes by. However, my aim is to start to find out about these topics and others and to write about what I have discovered over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in following my journey and my general ramblings, why not sign up using the form in the top right-hand corner of the screen and I shall let you know when I have further pearls of wisdom to impart.

I have started this journey to give myself some degree, if not total, financial independence and to gain some “Time Freedom” to be able to do some of the many things I still want to do in my life.

See you again soon.

Are You a Scatterbrain?

I must admit that even at my advanced age I have not been able to maintain a discipline of thought and action. When I first set up in business on my own, some 30 years ago, such was the imperative to use my time wisely and productively that I managed quite well and was usually able to meet my targets and timeframes.

Since I “retired” I have found it more and more difficult to come with a plan or task list and stick to it. As a consequence I find myself getting further and further behind with the things I intended to do.

Some time ago I came across a system called Simpleology which I started to use and then forgot about. I shall try to remember to start using it once more as I think it will help as well as doing a brain dump.

A brain dump is a technique which was suggested to me some time ago. It involves trying to clear your mind of all the “million” things which are to be done. Just set some time aside, difficult I know, and sit down with pen and paper or blank Notepad screen and list all the things which need to be done. Don’t make any attempt to prioritise or determine the relevance of items at this stage just empty your brain of everything which you think needs to be done.

Then take a rest, have a cup of coffee, walk the dog or do something completely unrelated. Then go through the list and remove those items which are trivial or unimportant or which on reflection no longer need to be done. Then prioritise the remaining items and select the three most important and get on and do them.

Once the three items are complete, review the list and select the next three important items and complete those. Continue to do this until the list is empty.

I tried this some time go and it helped. I shall do it again.

If you would like to take a look at Simpleology you can find it by clicking this link:

==> Click Here <==

Is This How Birthdays Should Be Spent

Last Friday was my birthday – subdued cheer.

I had intended to have a relaxing day doing a few odds and ends and some tidying up on y computer. Oh dear, did it all go wrong. First, my computer refused to start, then it refused to talk to my server. When I had sorted all that out my broadband started playing up causing more problems with my work machine. Eventually, about 1 am in the morning I got things sorted out at least for the time being.

I had intended to do some more work on John’s programme but by the time everything was sorted there was no time left.

Today was busy but for different reasons. The Autumn International Rugby matches have started and I watched England Beat South Africa. The gap between the two sides should have been greater but SA were awarded a try from a very obvious forward pass. Not the only one the referee missed. Then I watch Wales squeak past Argentina. At least they won and stopped their losing streak. In between all that I watched qualifying for the Brazillian Grand Prix.

I managed a few things today. I finished off my About Me page and am writing this post just before I crash out for the night. Hope I can get some more work done tomorrow.


Two Shots or Three?

I spent most of the afternoon rehearsing a play in which I have a small part.

My first and only entrance is preceded by the noise of a helicopter some screaming and some gun shots, all very dramatic. The problem I am having is that I cannot hear the dialogue because of the sound effects and also at the moment the number of gun shots is variable, sometimes two and sometimes three.

My dilemma is, do I wait for the correct number of shots before I go on or if there seems to be too much of a delay to go on anyway.

It struck me this evening that this sort of thing is the dilemma which affects all of us trying to make some money on the Internet.  Do we wait until everything is correct, the email we are about to send is highly polished, the opt-in form is  exactly as it should be and so on.

In the past, I have allowed this dilemma to delay things I have intended to do and on occasion stop me doing anything at all. With this in mind, I have decided that I shall go on after two shots and that when I have an idea for an email or blog post, I should write it and send it as soon as possible and not waste time thinking and over thinking exactly which I should do or say.

I had a word of advice from a friend of mine not so long ago which was that “bad action is always better than no action”. I have decided to act on that advice and go ahead and do things even though I am not certain that they can be as good as they can be. I can always correct them later. So here goes.

There is no point in wasting time

As those of you who have read my About Me page will know I have long been involved in amateur dramatics. I am currently rehearsing a play and rehearsing most evenings. I have small part towards the end of the play so I spend a lot of time waiting around until it is time to go on. I decided this evening that instead of hanging around and getting bored I should write a piece for my blog.

I’ve spend quite a bit of time over the last couple of weeks thinking about what I should write in my blog posts and I’ve had quite a few ideas but no way of recording them. Inevitably when I come to write a post I can’t remember the ideas I had. Therefore I’ve decided to make much more use of my laptop and possibly my tablet to record ideas as and when they occur to me.

I hope this will make the whole blogging process a little easier.

Progress so far has not been as quick as I had hoped. A recent house move means that I am still spending considerable time looking for things, sorting out paperwork, arranging electricity and gas supplies, etc.,etc.

I have worked my way through Week 1 and almost all of Week 2 of the training and although there are still on or two bits I still need to finish on my WordPress site I have completed the tasks. I hope to have the missing pieces in place and to have completed Week 3 by next Monday.

At the end of Week 2, John suggested that we work through Dan Sumner’s blogging course. I haven’t started this yet and I am hoping that this will give me some valuable insights into this whole blogging business.

Time to go on, I’m in the next scene.

See you next time.

Next Step on the Journey

It’s difficult to know what to write here at this stage as it’s very early in my journey and progress has been slow.

Life gets in the way sometimes and as I have just moved house with all the chaos that entails. I seem to have spent the last 2 or 3 weeks running at 90 miles an hour and never being able to stick to my plan, I suppose that tends to be a problem with me. I am too easily distracted so I think that is something on which I must work.

I keep getting interrupted, this time by the gas and power people, trying to organise a switch over to my new house has been a nightmare but I won’t bore you with the details.

I have almost completed my Week 1 and 2 training so I hope my site here will start to look more interesting and become more informative in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading this. Come back soon.