There is no point in wasting time

As those of you who have read my About Me page will know I have long been involved in amateur dramatics. I am currently rehearsing a play and rehearsing most evenings. I have small part towards the end of the play so I spend a lot of time waiting around until it is time to go on. I decided this evening that instead of hanging around and getting bored I should write a piece for my blog.

I’ve spend quite a bit of time over the last couple of weeks thinking about what I should write in my blog posts and I’ve had quite a few ideas but no way of recording them. Inevitably when I come to write a post I can’t remember the ideas I had. Therefore I’ve decided to make much more use of my laptop and possibly my tablet to record ideas as and when they occur to me.

I hope this will make the whole blogging process a little easier.

Progress so far has not been as quick as I had hoped. A recent house move means that I am still spending considerable time looking for things, sorting out paperwork, arranging electricity and gas supplies, etc.,etc.

I have worked my way through Week 1 and almost all of Week 2 of the training and although there are still on or two bits I still need to finish on my WordPress site I have completed the tasks. I hope to have the missing pieces in place and to have completed Week 3 by next Monday.

At the end of Week 2, John suggested that we work through Dan Sumner’s blogging course. I haven’t started this yet and I am hoping that this will give me some valuable insights into this whole blogging business.

Time to go on, I’m in the next scene.

See you next time.

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