Innovative Promotional Tools – 4

Join Online Communities – Join the Party

It is important to create a reputation for your online business in the same way as it is to build a brand for a bricks and mortar business. As a business owner, you need to get out into your community and meet people. Find organisations relevant to your business niche and become involved in their online communities and use promotional tools to help.

Introduce yourself to as many people as necessary and be prepared to “sell” your website to them in a few short sentences. One of the best ways to make friends online – or in the real world, for that matter – is to offer help.

For example if you offer to write a testimonial for their website or to provide a free sample of some of your products, they probably will be open to the idea of helping you in return.

Be Nice, Get Paid

It is also important always to be friendly and helpful to everybody you encounter online because you never know who is going to be a potential customer. In many cases the only point of contact people will have with you will be your online persona, so ensure you are consistently outgoing and always offer to assist people in whatever way you can.

Once you join online communities, find out what you need to do to get into positions of leadership. Not only will this help build your reputation and add to your resume, but it will put you in a position to make policy decisions which can be beneficial to your website and business in the future.

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