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Innovative Promotional Tools

Podcasting the Power of Audio and Video

A series of audios or videos, normally devoted to a certain topic is known as a Podcast. These can be created using the audio and video tools included with most modern computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones and can be distributed free on YouTube, iTunes and other free distribution networks.

Podcasts can also be sent to your subscriber list or links to your podcasts posted on a web page or blog.

In the same way as blogs, podcasts provide an effective way to target people who have an interest in a particular niche subject. Therefore they can be an effective way to promote your website. Som

Powerful Videos

e podcasts can be highly elaborate — including professional-quality editing, musical scores and other production values – however, most are simply people talking into a microphone, smartphone or video camera about a topic that interests them.


Unlike blogs, podcasts give you the opportunity to speak directly to your listeners or viewers. This can make it easier to engage them emotionally and show your personality. This can be an effective way of branding your website. Podcasts can be played back later by users on portable viewing or listening devices.

During the early years of the internet, audio podcasts were the podcasting method of choice, but now that video playback capabilities are universal, video podcasts or videos have become the medium of choice.

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