Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 3

You Must be Disciplined to Achieve Success

Probably the biggest adjustment most of us need to make, is to be disciplined in our home business. You will need to decide whether to go out to lunch, watch a movie on TV, etc. etc., or get down to work. In a traditional work environment, there is usually a supervisor of one kind or another to keep things moving along. People often fail in a home business because there is nobody looking over their shoulder to see that they do what they need to do.

Most people who start a home business have never owned a business and must learn to be disciplined. There will be times when something did not work as you had hoped. It could then cause you to mope around and fail to do anything else the rest of the day. If you maintain that attitude, then nothing will get done and the business will fail.

Set business hours. There will be exceptions of course, but ask friends and family to respect your business hours. This can provide an important step to success. It is also a good idea to have a permanent work space. The ability to shut the door and eliminate distractions can help you get the work done.

This is difficult for some people but children can learn that when Mum or Dad is in this room with the door shut they are working. Children will respect your space and time if you ask them to. Many successful Mums and Dads work at home with children about the place. Children will appreciate knowing why you are not available at certain times.

When you promise to call somebody back at a certain time or to meet a client, you must find the time.

Self-discipline can be difficult with all the distractions which can occur in the home and life in general but it is an absolute requirement if you are to become successful.

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