Every Home Entrepreneur Should Know – Part 1

I was chatting to someone at a presentation the other day and we were swapping experiences. We both wished that help and advice had been available from someone who had already “done it” when we were starting out. We both had had failures and at some stage we had both had serious doubts whether we could ever make a success of a home business.

Neither of us gave up and were able to achieve some success. We were discussing some of the key concepts and ideas we had learned and which were key to our success.

Success doesn’t happen overnight

People often believe that they will become rich within a few months of starting their home business and that success should happen within weeks or days.

We both had heard many stories of people who had started out on this journey but had given up after a few weeks or months. The usual reason seems to be that the promises made by the sales pitch when they bought or subscribed to a program suggested that profits and wealth would be quick and without the need for any real effort. There are many “get rich quick” schemes out there and there maybe one or two which can provide the results promised but most are either a scam or omit to mention that considerable effort and much more investment is required.

Both of us admitted that we were frustrated so many times in the first year of our home business that quitting seemed to be the sensible option. After all, these things don’t work. Who do you think you are? Why don’t you just get a job like everybody else? These thoughts and many like them nearly kept us from success.

What if it took two to four years to become successful in a home business? What if you could make $100,000 without a boss and a job to go to? What if you could actually be at home for your family?

Most people who start home businesses quit in their first 90 days and go back to their old frustrating lives. Many people are barely getting by and are only really existing. They are going from day to day without much hope of a better life. Benjamin Franklin said, “most people die at 18, we just don’t bury them until they turn 65.”

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  1. There is no question that starting your home based business is going to be a challenging and frustrating journey. It can also get very expensive. The key is to never give up. Focus on one thing, instead of jumping from one thing to another. Work smarter, not harder.


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