Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 5

Technology has changed everything

Twenty or so years ago a lot of business was done face to face. You had to get out and meet people, write letters, make phone calls, send products by post and so on.

The internet changed everything. It is not necessary to meet people face to face anymore, you can talk using on various messenger services, use email etc. You can upload a video in seconds, so people can see you or your product or both. Emails can have links to websites, videos and contact information. Auto responders can make you look like a large company and nobody will know how big your business really is because anybody anywhere can have a fantastic website.

When I started my original business more than 25 years ago my phone bill was enormous, today I can make all the calls I need for less than $20 per month. Conference calling and webcasts can be used to present business to hundreds of people at a time.

This is the online age and you should make use of the technology available in your home business. Do not make the mistake of buying all sorts of expensive gadgets when you start a business, it really is not necessary. Even if money is short, basic technology will allow your home business to operate and look like a very big business. Just as a matter of interest, I have had my current cell phone for nearly 5 years. It works fine, I can make calls and it wakes me up in the morning. Who could ask for more?

Do not become too preoccupied with technology. You can use it to improve your image and productivity if you know what you are doing. A basic computer or laptop, internet access, an email account, maybe a printer and some hosting for your website are the basic tools of the trade. If you need help with email or setting up a website, learn how to do it yourself. There is an amazing array of information at your fingertips. Just go and find it.

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