Is This How Birthdays Should Be Spent

Last Friday was my birthday – subdued cheer.

I had intended to have a relaxing day doing a few odds and ends and some tidying up on y computer. Oh dear, did it all go wrong. First, my computer refused to start, then it refused to talk to my server. When I had sorted all that out my broadband started playing up causing more problems with my work machine. Eventually, about 1 am in the morning I got things sorted out at least for the time being.

I had intended to do some more work on John’s programme but by the time everything was sorted there was no time left.

Today was busy but for different reasons. The Autumn International Rugby matches have started and I watched England Beat South Africa. The gap between the two sides should have been greater but SA were awarded a try from a very obvious forward pass. Not the only one the referee missed. Then I watch Wales squeak past Argentina. At least they won and stopped their losing streak. In between all that I watched qualifying for the Brazillian Grand Prix.

I managed a few things today. I finished off my About Me page and am writing this post just before I crash out for the night. Hope I can get some more work done tomorrow.


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