Are You a Scatterbrain?

I must admit that even at my advanced age I have not been able to maintain a discipline of thought and action. When I first set up in business on my own, some 30 years ago, such was the imperative to use my time wisely and productively that I managed quite well and was usually able to meet my targets and timeframes.

Since I “retired” I have found it more and more difficult to come with a plan or task list and stick to it. As a consequence I find myself getting further and further behind with the things I intended to do.

Some time ago I came across a system called Simpleology which I started to use and then forgot about. I shall try to remember to start using it once more as I think it will help as well as doing a brain dump.

A brain dump is a technique which was suggested to me some time ago. It involves trying to clear your mind of all the “million” things which are to be done. Just set some time aside, difficult I know, and sit down with pen and paper or blank Notepad screen and list all the things which need to be done. Don’t make any attempt to prioritise or determine the relevance of items at this stage just empty your brain of everything which you think needs to be done.

Then take a rest, have a cup of coffee, walk the dog or do something completely unrelated. Then go through the list and remove those items which are trivial or unimportant or which on reflection no longer need to be done. Then prioritise the remaining items and select the three most important and get on and do them.

Once the three items are complete, review the list and select the next three important items and complete those. Continue to do this until the list is empty.

I tried this some time go and it helped. I shall do it again.

If you would like to take a look at Simpleology you can find it by clicking this link:

==> Click Here <==

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