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Join Online Communities – Join the Party

It is important to create a reputation for your online business in the same way as it is to build a brand for a bricks and mortar business. As a business owner, you need to get out into your community and meet people. Find organisations relevant to your business niche and become involved in their online communities and use promotional tools to help.

Introduce yourself to as many people as necessary and be prepared to “sell” your website to them in a few short sentences. One of the best ways to make friends online – or in the real world, for that matter – is to offer help.

For example if you offer to write a testimonial for their website or to provide a free sample of some of your products, they probably will be open to the idea of helping you in return.

Be Nice, Get Paid

It is also important always to be friendly and helpful to everybody you encounter online because you never know who is going to be a potential customer. In many cases the only point of contact people will have with you will be your online persona, so ensure you are consistently outgoing and always offer to assist people in whatever way you can.

Once you join online communities, find out what you need to do to get into positions of leadership. Not only will this help build your reputation and add to your resume, but it will put you in a position to make policy decisions which can be beneficial to your website and business in the future.

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Innovative Promotional Tools

Podcasting the Power of Audio and Video

A series of audios or videos, normally devoted to a certain topic is known as a Podcast. These can be created using the audio and video tools included with most modern computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones and can be distributed free on YouTube, iTunes and other free distribution networks.

Podcasts can also be sent to your subscriber list or links to your podcasts posted on a web page or blog.

In the same way as blogs, podcasts provide an effective way to target people who have an interest in a particular niche subject. Therefore they can be an effective way to promote your website. Som

Powerful Videos

e podcasts can be highly elaborate — including professional-quality editing, musical scores and other production values – however, most are simply people talking into a microphone, smartphone or video camera about a topic that interests them.


Unlike blogs, podcasts give you the opportunity to speak directly to your listeners or viewers. This can make it easier to engage them emotionally and show your personality. This can be an effective way of branding your website. Podcasts can be played back later by users on portable viewing or listening devices.

During the early years of the internet, audio podcasts were the podcasting method of choice, but now that video playback capabilities are universal, video podcasts or videos have become the medium of choice.

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Free and Effective Way to Connect with Passion Markets

An effective way to promote a website is to create your own blog. It is an easy way to attract people who already have an interest in the niche or topic you are discussing. Provide valuable information and rich content in your blog to build a relationship with your readers and ultimately direct them back to your website or offer.

Blogging is an entertaining and interesting occupation and it is easy and enjoyable to become immersed in a community of people who are friendly and knowledgeable about your niche subject.

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Write Your Blog??!

Innovative Promotional Tools You May Not Have Considered

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways for people to share ideas. It helps you to engage in dialogue and interact with those who share common interests. Blog posts are usually short pieces of text published online according to a regular schedule. They address a particular subject, for example, food, sports, raising children marketing or any other topic.

It is estimated there are around 450 million blogs being published on the internet. Blogs can be created on blog hosting sites such as WordPress or Blogger or your own domain. There are many easy-to-use free tools and pre-made “themes” to make a blog look professional and help to create and maintain it.

Blogs can include many types of media such as pictures, videos, audio recordings, slideshows etc. Bloggers can make their blogs more interactive and entertaining by including polls and contests and also by encouraging their readers to leave comments and interact with them online.

Effective Ways to Promote Your Website

Effective Ways to Promote Your Website which Cost Nothing

There are many paid methods for promoting a website. Just a few of these are: Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Action, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads, Google AdSense and Sponsored Tweets, etc., etc.

However, those starting out as internet marketers do not have the resources, financial or other, to launch a paid marketing campaign. The Internet however, does provide a variety of no-cost marketing methods which can be just as effective, if not more effective, than paid techniques.

Free marketing methods tend to take longer to produce results than paid methods such as advertising, but the benefit, other than the cost saving, is that their effect tends to last longer. When paid marketing is used there is usually a steep drop-off in traffic once an advertisement expires. Free marketing methods can continue to funnel visitors to your site for months or even years after they have been put into place.

It is not necessary to spend large sums to promote a website and have it ranked on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page for your niche. All that is required is some persistence, patience and a little luck to funnel thousands of visitors to your website every day.

Search Engine Optimisation

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is used to improve the visibility of a website to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. These search engines are used by people every day to search the Internet. SEO uses organic techniques to increase the search engine’s ability to index the website and rank it higher on the Search Engine Results Page.

The most important SEO technique is to include the best keywords for the niche being addressed by the website. For example, if the page promotes a hair dressing business, the site should include keywords such as “hair dressing”, “hair cutting” etc. in various places, including the headline and sub heads.

In this way, when somebody uses a search engine to look for hair dresser’s websites, if the website has been optimized with the appropriate keywords, it will appear near or at the top of the SERP for those keywords.

Search engines use programs known as “spiders” or “bots”, to crawl sites on the internet, indexing each page according to its content and ranking it based on a set of criteria, called the search engine algorithm. The algorithm is a secret and is being modified constantly to prevent people from fooling the spiders. However, there are certain SEO techniques which will improve the web page’s ranking.

Libraries of books and training courses are devoted to the study of SEO. Also, there are numerous SEO consultants who can be hired to optimise a site.

Online Directories

Online directories are clearinghouses for information about businesses. They are usually categorised by location or genre. For example, there are online directories for businesses in certain locations and there are directories for specific types of business.

These directories will often publish information about your business for free, including your website address. This can be a good way to attract customers to your webpage, especially those who are either already in your geographic area or who are looking for products and services in a specific niche.

Some of these directories, such as White Pages and Yellow Pages, will find your business on their own, but it will be necessary to find and contact others.

Use Google to search for directories in your product niche and visit all those you believe to be significant. If they look to be suitable for promoting your business and website, find where it explains how to make submissions.

If this is not easy to find, go to the “About” page. There you should find contact information for the site administrator, including their email address. Send them an email explaining what your business is about and let them know you would like to be included.