New Year – Almost! New Start

The New Year was supposed to start on January 1st, 2017 but for me, it has been nearer February 1st or the 3rd to be more accurate. This all may sound like the ramblings of an old man and it probably is, but for me, the start of the New Year has been fraught with problems so I now have to start catching up.

6 Nations Trophy
England’s Grand Slam

I moved house in September of last year and just as was able to start making headway through the boxes and boxes of stuff my landlord decided that I should have a new kitchen. so who am I to turn such an offer down.  It should have been completed before Christmas but as I write there are still a couple of things to be done to finish the job so I have had about 6 weeks of chaos, being unable to find stuff and cooking in rather primitive conditions. Oh well, onwards and upwards.

So, to get back to the new start, at least the two sporting events are about to start. The Rugby 6 Nations starts tomorrow and in a few weeks’ time will be the Australian Grand Prix which signals the start of the Grand Prix season which will last until November. The changes to both sports should provide an interesting year and as ever I shall be hoping for England to do the Grand Slam again and that the McLaren Team manage to produce a car which is much more competitive than was last season’s.

Silverstone swan song?
Jensen Button McLaren – Silverstone

So enough about the leisure activities. I have missed a lot of the work I intended to do during January not least of which is John Thornhill’s training where I discovered to my horror that I am now about 6 weeks behind. Not much free time for me then, over the next few weeks.

There will be time this weekend to celebrate my partner’s birthday. Her birthday is actually today but we can only get the family together tomorrow where we can reveal to her the fantastic birthday present her children have arranged for her. It includes me as well so I am looking forward to the trip in April. That is not too far away so I shall have to get things moving in my business so that I can leave it for a couple of weeks without everything grinding to a halt.

Thanks for reading if you have been and if you haven’t you will never know what you missed.

Until the next time.