Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings to everyone and thank you for reading my ramblings over the past year.

It has been a strange year in some ways and an exhilarating one in others. In business, I have had a good degree of success in business and hope to increase and improve that in the coming year. I have plans for changes in my blog so keep an eye open for them. There will be nothing drastic but some gradual changes as time goes by.

On a personal level, I have moved house and am in the middle of having a kitchen refit so cooking and laundry is a bit of a problem at the moment. However, this should all be sorted in the next week or two and I can finally start to unpack the rest of my stuff from the boxes which are piled high in my spare bedroom. Fortunately, I shall be spending Christmas at my partner’s house so for the holiday period the domestic arrangements are all sorted.

As a final note and as a bit of fun, I have been keeping an eye on a hobby in which a large and increasing number of people are taking an interest. The hobby is known as “sweeping”, which I know brings up images of activity with a brush and dust etc. But in reality, this involves entering Giveaway Sweepstakes, of which there are thousands on the internet. The prizes on offer are wide ranging and are worth values ranging from a few dollars to thousands and some people manage to do very well from the proceeds.

I recently came across a very helpful book which explains the whole business of “Sweeping” or entering online sweepstakes. It explains how to find them, how to enter and so on. It is called “Congratulations you’re a Winner” and is well worth the very inexpensive price. You might like to find out more by clicking the banner below and finding out more.

In the meantime, have a restful and peaceful holiday and I look forward to connecting with you again in 2017.

Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 7

As a Man Thinketh…

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Joyce Meyer is fond of saying that where the mind goes, the man follows. Of course, it makes no difference whether you are a male or female, you are what you think you are. If you are struggling with your home business it is easy to become discouraged. If you have had a number of failures, constant thoughts of failure can surround you.

But, others have succeeded. Why have they succeeded when so many others have failed? Could the only reason they achieved success really be that they think differently? If you are just managing to get by and are serious about making a breakthrough in your lives, you cannot afford the luxury of having negative thoughts. There were plenty of negative people out there that you could listen to, but where is that going to get you?

Try listening to people who are positive both in your own life and also online. These are almost always the people who are achieving success. In the beginning when you start a home business or any other business for that matter, when things do not go as we expect, it is easy to feel like the biggest losers on the planet. If something positive doesn’t happen soon, something drastic would have to be done.

You cannot afford the luxury of a single negative thought. Start making good choices. Distance yourself from anyone who has anything negative to say about anything. Surround yourselves with positive, uplifting people who will pump positivity into your lives.

Start to believe that you have life changing success even before there are any real signs of it. This has sometimes been called the “fake it till you make it” concept. However, take care not to mislead people, particularly yourselves.

There is nothing wrong with having a positive attitude, but it is wrong to misrepresent your current financial situation. One of the most off-putting things often encountered is the tendency of some people to inflate their incomes. To some this is acceptable or appealing, but it is not.

If you lose your integrity, it can never be got back.

I have tried in this series of articles to make it clear that a home business is not likely to solve your financial problems overnight. If you think you have to lie to become successful you are wrong.

You can have success in a home business. It won’t be easy, however if you get guidance along the way from successful people you will have an extraordinary life.

I’ll say it once more:

“Get Out There and Get Stuck In!!”

Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 6

It’s a home business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a big business.

Most people who start a home business are looking for an extra few dollars or pounds per month, $300 to $500 or £250 to £450. It is perfectly possible with the right amount of effort to increase that to an extra $50,000 or £40,000 which has the potential to do amazing things for you and your family.

Once the basic fundamentals of a new home business are understood and once there has been some success it becomes easier to see that the sky is the limit. In time you could be making much more money than you ever thought possible. There are many people who are making more than $1,000,000 a year. It might seem hard to believe but just because it is hard to believe does not mean that it is not true.

So, do you really want to struggle all your life? Why do we settle for mediocrity? It could be that we are unsure of ourselves, stuck in a rut, scared, lack confidence, tried and failed and tried and failed, what will my family? We care too much about what other people say, think and do!

It is possible so get out there and do it. To use an old Yorkshire expression, “Get stuck in” and do it.

Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 5

Technology has changed everything

Twenty or so years ago a lot of business was done face to face. You had to get out and meet people, write letters, make phone calls, send products by post and so on.

The internet changed everything. It is not necessary to meet people face to face anymore, you can talk using on various messenger services, use email etc. You can upload a video in seconds, so people can see you or your product or both. Emails can have links to websites, videos and contact information. Auto responders can make you look like a large company and nobody will know how big your business really is because anybody anywhere can have a fantastic website.

When I started my original business more than 25 years ago my phone bill was enormous, today I can make all the calls I need for less than $20 per month. Conference calling and webcasts can be used to present business to hundreds of people at a time.

This is the online age and you should make use of the technology available in your home business. Do not make the mistake of buying all sorts of expensive gadgets when you start a business, it really is not necessary. Even if money is short, basic technology will allow your home business to operate and look like a very big business. Just as a matter of interest, I have had my current cell phone for nearly 5 years. It works fine, I can make calls and it wakes me up in the morning. Who could ask for more?

Do not become too preoccupied with technology. You can use it to improve your image and productivity if you know what you are doing. A basic computer or laptop, internet access, an email account, maybe a printer and some hosting for your website are the basic tools of the trade. If you need help with email or setting up a website, learn how to do it yourself. There is an amazing array of information at your fingertips. Just go and find it.

Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 4

Who You are Involved With is More Important Than the Business You are In

Most people have no idea how to operate a business of any kind not just a home business. As children we are told to go to school, pass exams and get a good… JOB! That is exactly the path most of us start on, get a job, work hard, work long hours and try to get a promotion so we can work more hours and we hope make more money.

We do that for 10, 20 or 30 years and then realise that we are never going to get ahead. That is when the idea that our own business could change our life starts to dawn. We have learned to be model employees and most of us have done all our lives.

Leadership is absolutely vital. If you can find someone who has run a home business successfully and you have a chance to work with them, seize the chance with both hands. Become comfortable with them before you get started.

What should you look for? Look for somebody who knows what they are doing. When you ask questions are they comfortable or uncomfortable? Do they have a system you can plug in to and have immediate success?

One of the reasons many people fail in home businesses is that they do not understand the importance of finding the right person with whom to work. They should not blame anyone else for their failures, but if they had associated themselves with people who really knew what they were doing and who would give them guidance the results may have been very different.

Maybe they would have failed anyway, but there is little doubt that working with successful people will reduce the learning curve and save a lot of time and money. Only you can ensure your own success, but to find the right person or persons with whom to work and listening to them, gives an enormous advantage over most people trying to run their home business.

Every Home Entrepeneur Should Know – Part 3

You Must be Disciplined to Achieve Success

Probably the biggest adjustment most of us need to make, is to be disciplined in our home business. You will need to decide whether to go out to lunch, watch a movie on TV, etc. etc., or get down to work. In a traditional work environment, there is usually a supervisor of one kind or another to keep things moving along. People often fail in a home business because there is nobody looking over their shoulder to see that they do what they need to do.

Most people who start a home business have never owned a business and must learn to be disciplined. There will be times when something did not work as you had hoped. It could then cause you to mope around and fail to do anything else the rest of the day. If you maintain that attitude, then nothing will get done and the business will fail.

Set business hours. There will be exceptions of course, but ask friends and family to respect your business hours. This can provide an important step to success. It is also a good idea to have a permanent work space. The ability to shut the door and eliminate distractions can help you get the work done.

This is difficult for some people but children can learn that when Mum or Dad is in this room with the door shut they are working. Children will respect your space and time if you ask them to. Many successful Mums and Dads work at home with children about the place. Children will appreciate knowing why you are not available at certain times.

When you promise to call somebody back at a certain time or to meet a client, you must find the time.

Self-discipline can be difficult with all the distractions which can occur in the home and life in general but it is an absolute requirement if you are to become successful.

Every Home Entrepreneur Should Know – Part 2

Success doesn’t happen without work

In a traditional business, you have to open the business every day. If you have a job you have to appear in the office or workshop if you want to be paid. When starting a home business you cannot simply sign up and expect the money to start being deposited in your bank account. There’s work to be done.

I have often been asked, “Is it hard to become successful in a home business?” Compared with giving all the best years of your life to an employer and missing special occasions and realising that life is nearly over. Also realising the in your later years you will not have enough money to do the things you want to. Compared with all that, no it really is not all that hard. Even if you have a home business where you do all the work, it is a lot better than working for an employer.

The wealthiest people in the world became wealthy by owning businesses. The businesses which create great wealth are out in front of a trend and the business owner is paid based on the efforts of thousands of people.

It is common to work very hard with little success in the first year. The second year will often show signs that success is on the way. Many people fail to realise that during the first 12 months, skills are acquired and confidence starts to grow when success starts to happen.

So, how much work is necessary in the first two years? “How long is a piece of string?” It takes as much as it takes. How much depends on many factors. How badly do you want it? How fast do you want to achieve success? Experience suggests that a minimum of 7 to 10 hours a week, consistently for at least two years.

Success does not happen without work and is not limited to working at your business. You should be committed to improving your skills. Read at least 10 pages from a great book every day. Books such as “Think and Grow Rich” will change the way you think and when you change the way you think you will change your life.

If you expect success without work from a home business it is as if you expected a pay cheque from a job you never started. It just doesn’t make sense.